1. Vampira hangs upside down, 1954

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    deep red by páll óskar hjálmtýsson.

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    god bless gordan ramsey 

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    "Movies are a magician’s forge, they allow you to build a story with your hands at least, thats what it means to me.

    What attracts me in movies is to be presented with a problem and be able to solve it. Nothing else just to create an illusion, an effect, with almost nothing”.

    Mario Bava.
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    Godzilla - Our best looks so far

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    Bruce Lee and Nora Miao cracking up on the set of “Fist of Fury.” That’s right, Bruce Lee bloopers do exist.

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    Kamen Rider V3 ep. 27

    All of those names are just gold

    my crew

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  12. "I hold grudges." - CM Punk

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    Latitude Zero

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    i will never get tired of this

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    90s sci-fi classic: Starship Troopers, 1997

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